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SFF Rugged Computer RS104


rugged computer, embedded computer, UAV computer



Data Sheet rugged computer system, embedded UAV computer

Technical Data Sheet RS104


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The RS104-1 is an ultra small rugged system offering the computing performance up to a 2.26GHz Intel Core 2 Duo safely housed in a rugged enclosure- ready for deployment under harshest conditions.


The basic system consists basically of a high efficiency Power Supply Unit, a high performance CPU board and a flash storage module. Standard IO lines are VGA, LAN, USB and COM (RS232/RS385).


The modular stack through design ensures great flexibility in adding and/or exchanging of modules as requirements or board technology changes. Based on the rich choice of PC104 modules offered on the market almost any customisation is achievable, e.g. Power PC based CPU boards, video solutions, storage,  CAN, GPS, etc.

The enclosure offers IP67 sealing for the internally installed electronics and is protected against aggressive chemical environments by proper surface finish.

Cross cabling is minimised by usage of one dedicated 38999 connector for each board.
The housing is optimized for conduction cooling and natural convection cooling while the Power Supply and the CPU modules are always conduction cooled. Thus a very low thermal resistance to the ambient thermal interfaces of the housing is given.


Due to its wide input range from 8V to 32V the system may be used in 12V (cars), 24V (trucks) and 28V (MIL) applications. Beside MIL STD 461 / -704 / -1275 protection it covers also the automobile surges requirements as defined in the ISO ISO7637 and ISO16750.


The system is currently in the design qualification campagne; serial delivery is scheduled for Q3/2011.

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