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arc is located in South Germany and we are experts in rugged hardware, computer systems, mechanical, thermal

and software engineering of computer systems, rugged power supplies and special hardware for defence electronics.


arc is your expert when it comes to rugged:


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Design and Consultancy for RUGGED!

The RS104-1 is an Rugged Embedded Computer for the extreme temperature range. The Small Form Factor embedded system is based on COTS PC/104 devices - ready for deployment under harshest conditions.

The basic rugged embedded computer system consists of a high efficiency Power Supply Unit, a high performance CPU board, a flash storage module,an EMI filter and an advanced protection module.

The rugged PC/104 computer has been designed for application where small form factor, low weight and superior system reliability at extreme temperature ranges are most important criterias, typical application examples being:
Ruggedized PC/104 Computer,
Mining, crawler-tractor, special cars
Rugged Industrie Rechner,
Truck fleet mamanagement
Industrie Rechner wasserdicht
Rugged industrial computer, rugged industrial PC for extreme temperature ranges
Rugged Industrie PC PC/104
Mobile vehicles, unmanned mobile applications
UAV SFF Computer
Boats, yachts, ships
Extended Temperature
Civil or military drones/UAVs for extreme temperature ragnes
Extended Temperature
Rugged embedded computer for extreme temperature ranges
Rugged Industrie PC, Rugged Industrie Rechner, Rugged PC/104 Computer
military applications (tanks, torpedos, helicopters, etc.)
Ruggedized PC, Industrie Rechner, Ruggedized Computer
Forest, water and agrarian areas, power lines, traffic congestions

The smallest configuration (conduction cooling to cold plate) of the rugged industrial computer has only ~1.2 Liter, providing a full rugged PC solution with standard IO lines as VGA, LAN, USB and COM (RS232/RS385) ready to be used under outstanding extreme temperature conditions!

The modular stack through design ensures great flexibility in adding and/or exchanging of modules as requirements or board technology changes to the rugged industrial computer. Each module supports two PC/104 cards, two (38999) connectors and one RGB status LED on the front side. Cross cabling is minimised by usage of one dedicated 38999 connector for each board.

Based on the rich choice of PC104 modules offered on the market almost any customisation of the rugged computer is achievable, e.g. Power PC based CPU boards, video solutions, storage,  CAN, GPS, etc.

The enclosure offers IP67 sealing for the internally installed electronics and is protected against aggressive chemical environments by proper surface finish.

The housing is optimized for conduction cooling and natural convection cooling. Critical internal components, e.g. CPU, Chipset, Ram, DC/DCs, etc., are conduction cooled by special means. Thus a very low thermal resistance to the ambient outside is achieved and heating up of internal air/further internal devices is such minimised.

The high thermal performance boosts up the system life time ensuring the customer a high system reliability and durability of the product at extreme temperature ranges.


Due to its wide input voltage range the system may be used in applications based on:


Harsh Environment
12V - Cars,
Ruggedized Industrial Computer
24V – Trucks
Industrial Computer
28V - MIL


Beside MIL STD 461 / -704 / -1275 protection it covers also the automobile surge requirements as defined in the ISO 7637 .


The system is currently in the design qualification stage - serial delivery is scheduled for Q2/2012.

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